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American Music Month

+ American Music Month

Challenge #1

Can you draw you playing a musical instrument?

Did you know: Music is like sports in that it can improve hand eye coordination. Music and sports both help children develop their small motor skills when they are playing. Music also improves memory. Even when students are playing while following sheet music, students are constantly using memory skills to perform. Memorization is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Source: Bivem

Challenge #2

Can you draw a vibration (it is actually very easy to draw)?

Did you know: A musical instrument creates sound when part of it vibrates rapidly. The column of air inside a wind instrument, the string of a string instrument, or the stretched skin of a drum all vibrate when played. This vibration produces sound waves in the air, which we hear as musical notes.

Source: Fact Monster

Challenge #3

Can you draw a canary singing?

Did you know: All birds have their own unique song. But did you know that canaries have their own unique songs? That’s right! Canaries can sing two different songs at the exact same time. So, there is two different sounds coming out of the same mouth. I bet YOU couldn’t do that!

Source: Fun Facts for Kids