Celebrated on April 28th

Annual Save the Frogs Day

+ Annual Save the Frogs Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a colorful frog jumping?

Did you know: Many frogs can jump 20 times their own height. Some can jump even higher!  Frogs come in all sorts of colors. The colorful skin of many tropical frogs acts as a warning to predators that these frogs are poisonous.

Source: Earth Rangers

Challenge #2

Can you draw a big frog next to a little frog?

Did you know: There is evidence that frogs have roamed the Earth for more than 200 million years, at least as long as the dinosaurs. The world's largest frog is the Goliath frog of West Africa—it can grow to 15 inches and weigh up to 7 pounds. One of the smallest is the Cuban tree toad, which grows to half an inch long.

Source: American Museum of Natural History

Challenge #3

Can you draw a frog sleeping with its eyes open?

Did you know: Frogs can see forwards, sideways and upwards all at the same time. They never close their eyes, even when they sleep. Frogs do, however, have eyelids that blink to protect their eyes from dirty residue and preserve moisture. Remarkably, frogs actually use their eyes to help them swallow food. When swallowing a big mouthful of food, a frog blinks its eyes. The blinking pushes the frogs huge eyeballs down on top of its mouth. This helps squeeze the food in its mouth into its throat.

Source: Just Fun Facts