Celebrated on July 12th

National Eat Your Jello Day

+ National Eat Your Jello Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw your own special flavor of Jell-O?

Did you know: The four original Jell-O flavors: lemon, orange, strawberry and raspberry, as you can see in this ad from 1904. We have to admit that there's just something about Jell-O that Americans just can't get enough of. Perhaps it's the jiggle, its versatility or colorful creations like a rainbow molds or jello shots that has won over so many hearts.

Source: Fine Dining Lovers

Challenge #2

Can you draw what you would like to make with Jell-O?

Did you know: Jell-O is usually eaten for a snack or dessert, but it doesn’t have to be. You can use a box to dye your hair, make finger paint or even create edible play-dough. We’ll stick to making fluffy and jiggly retro desserts, though.

Source: Taste of Home

Challenge #3

Can you draw your own special art creation using Jell-O, and then make it?

Did you know: Every April Fool's Day in Eugene, Oregon, The Maude Kerns Art Gallery holds the Jell-O Art Show, better known as Jell-O-Rama, featuring works of local artists using Jell-O as a medium.

Source: Joey Green's Weird Facts