Celebrated on June 14th

Family History Day

+ Family History Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a family member whose story you would like to hear?

Did you know: A fun way to get into family history is to record your living relatives telling stories about their lives. All you need is a way to record them (like a video or audio recorder, pen and paper, smartphone app, and so on) and some time with your family member. You may also want to bring a list of questions that will help guide the interview. You’ll be surprised at all the interesting things you can learn about your family members when they tell you stories about their lives. After the interviews you can transcribe the stories and upload them online.

Source: Church of Jesus Christ

Challenge #2

Can you draw some things that tell a story about you?

Did you know: Let your child take photos of their room, house, school, sports fields, friends, pets, teddy bears – anyone, anything and anyplace they feel is significant in their life. Give each picture a page in a scrapbook and encourage your child to write about each image. Alternately, your child could illustrate the pictures with art supplies and dictate to you what should be written.

Source: Kids Out and About

Challenge #3

Can you draw a food dish that celebrates the country you were born in?

Did you know: There are often specific types of foods associated with individual countries. An enjoyable way to learn about another country is to indulge in its most popular dishes. Teach your kids a favorite family recipe and you’ll make memories that could last a lifetime. Plus, cooking with your kids can be an unexpected learning opportunity. Or visit a restaurant that serves the types of food indigenous in the country that is part of your family’s history. As your kids enjoy the food, provide instruction on how it is prepared and eaten and, perhaps, some history on the origin of the meal.

Source: Learning Lift Off