Celebrated on June 16th

Fathers Day

+ Fathers Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a Fathers' Day card (with Father's Day spelled correctly)?

Did you know: Any grammar geek could find the quandary in this holiday title. Isn’t the day set aside to celebrate all fathers, plural, rather than just an individual? Though Dodd petitioned for the holiday to be written as “Fathers’ Day,” the U.S. Congress used the term “Father's Day” when they established the day as an official holiday.

Source: The Daily Meal

Challenge #2

Can you draw something that a father would love to do on Father's Day?

Did you know: Surprisingly, the trusty slipper gift isn’t the most popular Father’s Day present – it’s actually a tie. Although there is no evidence of its origin, it is believed that the word “Dad” dates back to as early as the sixteenth century. It is said to come from the first syllables uttered by babies ‘pa’ plus the kinship suffix ‘ter’ – accounting for the latin ‘Pater’, the Spanish ‘Padre’ and the French ‘Pere’. Takes ‘baby talk’ to a new meaning. 

Source: Ideal Home

Challenge #3

Can you draw a seahorse?

Did you know: Father seahorses are the only male animals to become pregnant. They accept around 50–1500 eggs from the female, fertilize them, and then carry the eggs for several weeks until they mature.

Source: Fact Retriever