Celebrated on October 6th

Garlic Lovers Day

+ Garlic Lovers Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a favorite dish of yours that has garlic in it?

Did you know: In the culinary world, the garlic can easily be one of the most utilized ingredients since it is found in almost all types of cuisine, whether Asian, European, North and Latin American, or African. Usually, it is used as a flavor enhancer rather than being the main dish component.

Source: Serving Joy

Challenge #2

Can you draw you favorite Chinese food dish?

Did you know: If you wonder why Chinese food has so much garlic, here’s the answer-China produces 66% of world’s garlic.

Source: Times of India

Challenge #3

Can you draw a daffodil?

Did you know: Bulbs are amazing plants. When you think “bulbs” you probably think of a tulip or a daffodil or something similar. But when hearing the word “bulb” people rarely think of the distant cousin of the daffodil… garlic! But it’s true.. they are related!

Source: Domestic Geek Girl