Celebrated on June 22nd

Great American Campout Day

+ Great American Campout Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a cricket?

Did you know: You Can Calculate the Temperature with Crickets. This was a new one for me. It’s actually quite cool and interesting. In the Spring and Summer, start by counting the number of cricket chirps you hear in fourteen seconds. Take the number you find and add 40. The sum is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a useful skill to have if you are not carrying an outdoor thermometer along with you.

Source: Camping And Hiking Tips

Challenge #2

Can you draw the night sky?

Did you know: Camping is an excuse to get away from light pollution and marvel at the brilliance of the night sky. I hope to catch a rare glimpse of a shooting star, try to identify constellations. Perhaps my favorite game, however, is star surfing. Everyone participating stands still and has 15 seconds to look up and choose a star. Keep your eyes on that one star. When the timer says “begin,” all must spin as fast as possible while keeping your head up and eyes on your star. Spin for 30 seconds. When the timer says “surf,” everyone jumps into a surfing position, bringing their gaze back to normal. You should be very dizzy, and it will be hard to keep standing straight up.

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Challenge #3

Can you draw a bear at a campsite?

Did you know: If you see bear cubs, back away—the mother bear is not far from there, and she is more likely to attack if her babies are in trouble. Whether you see cubs or an adult bear, you want to pay attention to particular cues: if the bear stomps a paw or huffs, give it space. Wave your arms calmly over your head and always stand your ground, never turn your back or run away.

Source: Active