Celebrated on August 18th

Helium Discovery Day

+ Helium Discovery Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw helium liquid climbing out of a can?

Did you know: At temperatures close to absolute zero helium condenses to a liquid with amazing properties – the properties of a superfluid, flowing with zero friction up and over the walls of containers. Helium is so light that Earth’s gravity is not strong enough to hold on to it. When helium atoms are released into the atmosphere, they rise until they escape into space.

Source: Chemicool

Challenge #2

Can you draw helium balloons floating in air?

Did you know: Helium is the least dense and second lightest of all known elements. It is because of this, when a balloon is filled with Helium, it floats up.

Source: Facts Legend

Challenge #3

Can you draw yourself holding on to a bunch of balloons as you fly through the air?

Did you know: It would take 2500 balloons, each filled with 10 liters of helium , to lift a 55 lb. child off the ground

Source: Science Struck