Celebrated on October 1st

Homemade Cookie Day

+ Homemade Cookie Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw what special ingredients you would like to include in your cookie?

Did you know: Cookies are typically made with flour, egg, sugar, and some type of shortening such as butter or cooking oil. Other ingredients may include dried fruits, oats, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, peanut butter, nuts, spices, etc. Cookies are most commonly baked until crisp or just long enough that they remain soft, but some kinds of cookies are not baked at all. There are eight basic types of cookies: bar cookies, drop cookies, fried cookies, molded cookies, no-bake cookies, refrigerator (ice box) cookies, rolled cookies and sandwich cookies. The art of making cookies is that of turning simple ingredients into wonderful things.

Source: Just Fun Facts

Challenge #2

Can you draw a cookie that you invented?

Did you know: They were created by accident Much like the discovery of penicillin, the chocolate chip cookie was created by a happy accident. Ruth Wakefied was an in keeper in Whitman, Massachusetts. One evening in the early 1930s, she added chocolate bits to her cookie batter because she assumed the chocolate would melt. The chocolate bits did not, and the iconic cookie was born.

Source: The Cravory

Challenge #3

Can you draw your favorite animal cracker cookie?

Did you know: The first commercial cookie in the U.S. was the Animal Cracker, introduced in 1902.

Source: Best Ever Cookie Collection