Celebrated on October 12th

International African Penguin Awareness Day

+ International African Penguin Awareness Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw an african penguin swimming in the water?

Did you know: When African penguins are on land, their black and white coat stands out as a cool fashion statement, but did you know that it also serves a practical camouflage use in water? Known as “countershading” the black coat on the penguin’s back hides the penguin from predators swimming above the penguin, while the white belly ensures that predators swimming below the penguin have a difficult time noticing the penguin when they look up.

Source: Lion World Travel

Challenge #2

Can you draw a pair of penguins in love?

Did you know: African Penguins live up to 20 years. They start breeding when they are around 4 years of age. These penguins are monogamous, the penguin pair stays together usually for many years and often move back to their old nesting sites too.

Source: Kids World Travel Guide

Challenge #3

Can you draw a penguin moving it's head sideways?

Did you know: When they are stressed they make a sideways movement with their heads, Penguins are by nature nervous and do not like being around people, although the Boulders colony is unusually tame

Source: South Africa Venues