Celebrated on December 5th

International Soil Day

+ International Soil Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a tablespoon of dirt?

Did you know: Soil is home to billions of living microorganisms which recycle organic material to maintain soil fertility and support plant growth. One cup of soil may hold 7 billion bacteria – the equivalent of our world’s human population!

Source: CropLife

Challenge #2

Can you draw rain falling on rocks?

Did you know: Soil is formed as rock is broken up by ice, frost, wind, and water. Plants take root among the rock fragments and bind them together. When plants die, they fertilize the soil. Soil takes many years to form, but it can be destroyed very quickly by bad farming methods, such as deforestation (clearing the land of trees).

Source: Fact Monster

Challenge #3

Can you draw a garden with beautiful (and tasty) vegetables?

Did you know: It takes 2,000 years for natural processes to make 10 centimeters of fertile soil from bedrock. Unfortunately, around 24 billion tons of topsoil are lost every year due to agriculture and erosion, which is over 3 tons per person, according to the Nature Conservancy.

Source: foodtank