Celebrated on November 16th

International Tolerance Day

+ International Tolerance Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw the word TOLERANCE?

Did you know: “Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.” UNESCO's 1995 Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.

Source: UNESCO

Challenge #2

Can you draw kids wearing different hats?

Did you know: Tolerance refers to an attitude of openness and respect for the differences that exist among people. Although originally used to refer to ethnic and religious differences, the concepts of diversity and tolerance can also be applied to gender, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and other differences, too.

Source: Kids Health

Challenge #3

Can you draw a sign that says BE NICE!?

Did you know: If a close family member or a neighbor tells an ethnic joke or makes a racial slur in front of your child, confront the issue immediately. For example, you might tell the person, “When you talk like that it makes me uncomfortable, or “Please don't use that word again.”As your child observes you taking a stand, he'll learn to use phrases like these and start to speak out against prejudice. If you say nothing, your child might think you agree with the joke or slur.

Source: Psychology Today