Celebrated on September 13th

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

+ Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw your favorite HEALTHY meal?

Did you know: Kids learning how to cook doesn’t just help them when they’re younger, it gives them a lifelong advantage. 50 percent of kids who learn how to cook and cook at a young age will cook five meals a week as an adult—keeping the healthy lifestyle alive and consistently being in good shape, physically and probably financially since they won’t have to eat out for every meal.

Source: Curious Chef

Challenge #2

Can you draw one of three ways that you can tell if eggs are fresh?

Did you know: Here are three ways to tell if eggs are fresh: 1. Hold in front of candle flame in dark room, and the center should look clear. 2. Place in basin of cold water, and they should sink. 3. Place large end to the cheek, and a warmth should be felt.

Source: Five Little Chefs

Challenge #3

Can you draw a healthy potato (add a funny face if you like)?

Did you know: When selecting potatoes, look for spuds that are well-formed, smooth and firm. Potatoes shouldn’t have any discoloration, cracks or soft spots. 35% of the U.S. potato crop is turned into frozen french fries, 28% is used for fresh potatoes and 13% becomes chips and shoestrings.

Source: Farm Flavor