+ Kwanzaa

Challenge #1

Can you draw something black, red and green?

Did you know: The colors of Kwanzaa are black, red and green. Black represents the color of the people, Green represents the fertile land of Africa and Red represents blood shed in the struggle for freedom.

Source: Kids Play and Create

Challenge #2

Can you draw a bowl of real fruit?

Did you know: The word “Kwanzaa” is derived from Swahili and translates to “first fruits of the harvest.”

Source: Campbell's

Challenge #3

Can you draw a group of people celebrating?

Did you know: There is a wide misconception that Kwanzaa is only for African-American people. On the contrary, Kwanzaa, like Christmas and New Year, is for everyone. Although it was specifically created for the black community, non-Africans can also celebrate the holiday.

Source: List Land