Celebrated on June 30th

Log Cabin Day

+ Log Cabin Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a log cabin you would like to live in?

Did you know: Seven US presidents were either born in or have lived in a log cabin including Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan and Adlai Stevenson. The log cabin became a political icon when it was used to drive a presidential campaign for William Henry Harrison, intending to show America he was a man of the people. Other famous people who have owned log cabins include Ralph Lauren and the late Muhammad Ali.

Source: Log Cabin Hub

Challenge #2

Can you draw your family or friends playing in a log cabin?

Did you know: Log Cabins have health benefits Spending time in a wooden home can have a positive effect on both mind and body and log cabins are especially good for those who suffer from allergies. The high humidity in many conventional homes promotes the growth of bacteria and increases air-borne allergens which can cause major health issues such as itchy skin, watery eyes, blocked noses and even asthma. However, in log cabins the timber is breathable so the level of humidity inside is kept at a regular healthy level.

Source: Log Cabin Connection

Challenge #3

Can you draw a beautiful place where you would like to build a log cabin?

Did you know: Log Cabins Need Landscape to Complement their Natural Wood construction These cabins might look fabulously rustic, but that’s not all due to their natural materials. Obviously, you cannot build a log cabin in the middle of the urban jungle! Log cabins need a certain landscape to go well with their utterly natural look. Some of the things you need are trees, shrubberies, rocks, and pebbles. You can go with the lush forest look or the more minimal but elegantly-designed rock garden. Ponds are also a common feature of log cabin front yards.

Source: Everything Mountains