Celebrated on September 24th

Nationa Bluebird of Happiness Day

+ Nationa Bluebird of Happiness Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw bluebirds building a nest?

Did you know: Bluebird nests are built by the female, usually in a cavity created by another bird or in an artificial birdhouse. Bluebirds have weak bill so they cannot carve out their own cavities. It takes two to five days of hard work for the nest to be completed. Bluebird nests are light and delicate–consisting of grasses, hair fibers, feathers and needles.

Source: BirdHouse Supply

Challenge #2

Can you draw a bluebird?

Did you know: The bird has a round belly, long wings, and short legs. Its black bill is short and straight. Male eastern bluebirds are easily identified by their bright blue heads and wings. Females sport duller colors, with grayish heads and backs and bluish wings. Both males and females have a rust-colored throats and white stomachs.

Source: National Geographic Kids

Challenge #3

Can you draw a small nesting box that you can build to attract bluebirds?

Did you know: All bluebirds are cavity nesters and will use an artificial nest box. Habitat and nest cavities had been disappearing for many years, but bluebirds have made an incredible come back due to thousands of bluebird nest boxes being installed across the country.

Source: Wild bird Unlimited