Celebrated on August 30th

National Beach Day

+ National Beach Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a sandy beach with your favorite color sand?

Did you know: Depending on the type of sediment that makes up the sand, beaches can come in many different colors such as: white, gray, gold-yellow, brown, red and black.

Source: Ocean Isle Beach

Challenge #2

Can you draw a beach with an interesting shape?

Did you know: Have you ever noticed how each beach is a different shape? Well this is because the shape depends on how the waves move around. Some waves move stuff up the beach and then others move stuff down the beach. On sandy beaches, the waves move sand away from the beach and this makes gentle slopes.

Source: Science For Kids Club

Challenge #3

Can you draw some living things you may find at a beach?

Did you know: The beach might seem empty when there are no humans around, but it’s actually the home of many living organisms. We can find algae, diatoms, and other microorganisms in the sand. It’s actually the diatoms that give beach sand a shimmering effect. Sea grass is a salt-tolerant plant that we might also find on beaches. Birds like the tern made nests right inside the sand. Turtles have also been known to bury their eggs inside the sandy, while there would be seals, walruses, and sea lions using the beach as a resting place.

Source: Everything Beaches