Celebrated on August 28th

National Bowtie Day

+ National Bowtie Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a good reason to wear a bowtie?

Did you know: Bowties, when compared with traditional ties, shows that the former is more economical as it uses less fabric than the latter. The former is more trending because of its uniqueness and it is growing at an exponential rate while the latter is common and has a linear growth rate.

Source: News In General

Challenge #2

Can you draw a perfect bowtie design for someone you know (could even be an animal)?

Did you know: Once a novelty worn more for a sense of whimsy and irony than out of genuine attention to fashion standards, bow ties are now back in the mainstream of current fashion. But, while bow ties themselves have become far less of a novelty, you can still wear bow ties that sport decidedly novel themes and designs.

Source: Absolute Ties

Challenge #3

Can you draw your own brand of bow ties (make it special)?

Did you know: Young Master Bridges – Mo, for short – has been designing and sewing his own ties since his grandmother taught him how when he was nine years old. Like all innovators (yeah, I said “innovators,” let’s give it to him) his product ideas arose out of a lack he saw on the market. “I really was a young dapper man and I couldn’t find any other bow ties that I really like,” he told Fox News. “So my grandma – my lovely grandma – she’s been sewing for over 80 years, or something crazy like that, so I wanted to start my own business making bow ties.” “You don’t have to wait until you’re older,” his mother Tramica Morris said. “If you have a dream and you have a passion, we say go for it.” 

Source: Forbes