Celebrated on March 15th

National Buzzard Day

+ National Buzzard Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a buzzard vomiting?

Did you know: The turkey buzzard will actually vomit if threatened, throwing up a horrific smelling bit of undigested meat which can make a predator run off.

Source: Trails

Challenge #2

Can you draw a buzzard chasing a mouse?

Did you know: Common buzzards stamp on the ground in order to attract earthworms to the surface, and then eat them. The Common buzzard has very good hearing, and can hear a mouse moving in the grass. When it locates such prey, the buzzard will soar slowly to the ground and run quickly, with agility, to capture the prey.

Source: Animalia

Challenge #3

Can you draw a buzzard's nest with lots of greenery?

Did you know: Common buzzard love decorating their nests with fresh greenery and they can be quite picky about the leaves they choose. Buzzards live up to 25 years in the wild.

Source: Stories So Wild