Celebrated on October 10th

National Cake Decorating Day

+ National Cake Decorating Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a very tall cake... what would it resemble?

Did you know: The tallest cake ever made (on record) was 25.65 feet tall. The towering confection consisted of 850 sponge cakes, shaped like cake bricks, glued together with caramel. Unfortunately for its creators, the cake didn't last long, as it started to lean and eventually fell.

Source: The Knot

Challenge #2

Can you draw what your friends would bring to a cake stacking party?

Did you know: In ancient times, there was a Cake Stacking custom. Each guest brought a layer of cake and all those layers were stacked with apple butter. Now, the higher the cake was the more popular the couple was believed to be.

Source: Ferns n' Petals

Challenge #3

Can you draw people rolling cakes down a hill?

Did you know: Cakes have been the part of strange rituals many years ago. Have you heard of Beltane festival or the Celtic people? Celtic people celebrate this festival which involves lighting bonfires on top of hills and rolling down round cakes from those hills. If the cake is not crumbled or it does not break, it is considered to be a good fortune.

Source: Flavored Delights