Celebrated on July 25th

National Carousel Day

+ National Carousel Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw you having fun on a carousel?

Did you know: When making carousels, manufacturers would place larger animals to the edge and smaller to the hub. Smaller would go slower which made them safer for small children.

Source: History of Carousels

Challenge #2

Can you draw a mall carousel, that would just carry a few kids?

Did you know: Carousels, also called merry-go-rounds, used to be found in nearly all the big cities and in numerous parks. Some carousels were large while others were small and transportable, one man operations that would be set up at a location and, after collecting all the pennies for rides, would be moved to another setting. Children loved carousels back then just as much as they do today.

Source: Strange Ago

Challenge #3

Can you draw the animal you would like to ride on your carousel?

Did you know: Measuring 80 feet wide, weighing 35 tons, and containing 269 hand-crafted animals, the carousel at The House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA, is the world's largest. Menagerie figures are enjoying a current resurgence in popularity, a trend no doubt benefiting from the labors of The Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio, USA, which makes a carousel whose figures consist entirely of endangered species

Source: Spokane Carousel