Celebrated on June 25th

National Catfish Day

+ National Catfish Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a catfish egg?

Did you know: The flathead catfish can lay up to 100,000 eggs during one spawning cycle. After the eggs are laid, they hatch within five to ten days. Once the eggs hatch, the fry (young fish) have a yolk-like sac that nourishes them for two to five days until it dissolves and they are fully developed.

Source: Just Fun Facts

Challenge #2

Can you draw a catfish with whiskers?

Did you know: Catfish are a group of fish named after our furry feline friends because of a distinguishing feature shared by both: whiskers! On a catfish, these long, whiskery projections are technically called barbels (not barbells like you use at the gym). They are sensory organs that can both smell and taste. This allows catfish to hunt in dark and murky waters.

Source: Study.com

Challenge #3

Can you draw a really big or a really small catfish?

Did you know: Catfish come in a wide range of sizes, from just 0.4 inches (1 centimeter) to more than 6.6 feet (2 meters) long. Some species can survive out of water (as long as their skin stays moist). There are as many as three thousand known species of catfish in the world and researchers believe there are probably many more yet to be discovered.

Source: IP Factly