Celebrated on December 28th

National Chocolate Candy Day

+ National Chocolate Candy Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a teaspoon of chocolate medicine?

Did you know: It wasn’t until 1828 that chocolate started being consumed in solid form. Up until then, it had always been a beverage. Often used for medicinal purposes.

Source: Farmer's Almanac

Challenge #2

Can you draw a make believe tree that grows real chocolate bars?

Did you know: There’s a lot of work that goes into making a Hershey’s chocolate bar. According to the book And Then God Made Chocolate! by Sherry-Marie Perguson, each cacao tree only produces enough beans to make 10 regular-sized Hershey’s bars a year.  

Source: Eat This Not That

Challenge #3

Can you draw a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies?

Did you know: The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie sold the recipe to Nestle Toll House … for a lifetime supply of chocolate!

Source: Chez Slaughter