Celebrated on September 14th

National Coloring Day

+ National Coloring Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw something blue?

Did you know: Blue is the most favored color in the world, with purple being a distant second. A whopping forty percent of people worldwide would choose blue as their favorite color in playtime poll booth, with purple-lovers lagging way behind at fourteen percent.

Source: Listverse

Challenge #2

Can you draw your best friend's favorite outfit ?

Did you know: Colors are responsible for 62-90% of our first impressions of one another. If you prefer a particular color, you may be subconsciously drawn to other individuals who are wearing that color.

Source: Tipsy Writer

Challenge #3

Can you draw a rainbow (and if it is sunny out try to make your own rainbow)?

Did you know: All you need is the sun and a water hose (and an adult’s permission, of course). You need to stand with your back against the sun, so you are facing away from it. Grab your garden hose – those with big nozzles on the ends usually work the best – and turn on the water. Now, put your other hand straight up in the air. Start spraying the water about halfway between the ground and your other hand, which is straight up in the air. You should see a mini-rainbow right in your backyard!

Source: Cool Kid Facts