Celebrated on July 27th

National Dance Day

+ National Dance Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a dance that tells a story?

Did you know: The dance has always been with us, even before the arrival of written language and modern history, when our earliest cultures evolved utilizing oral and performance methods to pass the stories from one generation to the next. Many historians believe that social, celebratory and ritual dances are one of the essential factors of the development of early human civilizations.

Source: Dance Facts

Challenge #2

Can you draw a good reason to celebrate and dance?

Did you know: People have a natural urge to move in time to music. They dance to celebrate an event, or for entertainment and relaxation. Dance is an important part of many religions. Around the world, many folk dances (popular local dances) mark the stages of life, such as birth and death.

Source: Fact Monster

Challenge #3

Can you draw a bee dancing?

Did you know: Honeybees actually use dance to communicate. It's known as the "waggle dance," which was first noticed by Aristotle and later investigated by Nobel Prize-winning zoologist Karl von Frisch in the 1960s. Von Frisch theorized that the strange dance was a way to tell fellow bees where they could find food.

Source: The Week