Celebrated in September

National Farm Animals Awareness Week

+ National Farm Animals Awareness Week

Challenge #1

Can you draw a pig running, or a goat swimming?

Did you know: Pigs can run 11 miles per hour – that’s faster than a six minute mile! Goats are great swimmers.

Source: MSPCA

Challenge #2

Can you draw a cow sleeping?

Did you know: Just like pictures that children draw of cows, every cow’s pattern of spots is different. A male cow’s horns feature rings, the number of which roughly equals its age. Don’t assume a cow is tired or lazy because it is lying down. This is sometimes a reaction to a change in atmospheric pressure before a storm. With a sense of smell so strong, cows are able to detect scents up to five or six miles away. Like many domesticated pets, cows learn and react to the names they are given by people. They are even known to form cow “cliques” within the herd.

Source: pets on mom.me

Challenge #3

Can you draw ducks talking to each other?

Did you know: Ducks are very social animals. Males and females sometimes live in pairs or together with their ducklings. They communicate both vocally and with body language. At other times ducks spend much of their time—during both day and night—in larger groups. The domestic duck has a normal life span of ten years. By contrast, a pair of geese will get together to raise a family and, for the most part, will stay together the rest of their lives (up to 25 years), raising new families each year.

Source: World Animal Foundation