Celebrated on July 22nd

National Hammock Day

+ National Hammock Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw yourself in a hammock between two trees?

Did you know: The hammock has a rather rich history. The first use of this dates back all the way to the time of the Mayans. One of earth’s earliest civilizations, the Mayans were the first to make use of the suspended bed. This relaxation item has stood the rest of time simply because of how relaxing it is. There’s no other reason why it exists? Its simply put, one of the more convenient and simple ways to relax. Plus at the time, and we’re talking about Ancient civilization times, it did protect you from snakes and other poisonous animals.

Source: Classy Hammocks

Challenge #2

Can you draw a place where you would like to see a hammock?

Did you know: Today’s hammocks are synonymous with lazy days, cat naps and summer relaxation. Still used by campers for easy suspended sleep while in the woods (the same reasons the Mayans used them in the first place), there are many modern varieties available for leisure use. Hammocks can be found in backyards, pool side or swinging on a beach. The hammock stand makes it portable and available for use anywhere.

Source: The Sun Chronicle

Challenge #3

Can you draw you and your friends collecting plastic bags to make a hammock ?

Did you know: But in a good way. Collect around 500 plastic bags and do your bit for the environment by transforming them into something useful and amazing – a hammock. It’ll take a bit of man power, but it could make a rewarding summer project. Follow the Instructables guidelines and let us know how you get on.    Follow instructions to make a hammock from plastic bags 

Source: Hostel World