Celebrated on August 17th

National Honey Bee Day

+ National Honey Bee Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a honey bee in flying in a flower garden ?

Did you know: Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey. A honey bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip.

Source: Mater of Trust

Challenge #2

Can you draw a honey bee flying around the earth?

Did you know: In their 6-8 week lifespan, a worker bee will fly the equivalent distance of 1 ½ times the circumference of the Earth.

Source: Beepods

Challenge #3

Can you draw a face of a honey bee?

Did you know: Honeybees have five eyes, 3 small ones on top of the head and two big ones in front. They also have hair on their eyes! Bees communicate with each other by dancing and by using pheromones (scents). Honeybees never sleep!

Source: Utah County Beekeepers Association