Celebrated on December 13th

National Horse Day

+ National Horse Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw what the first horse on earth may have looked like?

Did you know: Fossil and skeletal evidence suggests that horses have lived on earth for over 50 million years, going through several distinct stages of evolution during this time and starting off as much smaller animals!

Source: Pets For Homes

Challenge #2

Can you draw a baby horse?

Did you know: The lenght of a foal’s legs at birth indicate the height the horse will have when mature, as they are already about 80-90 % of their future lenght.

Source: Biohansa

Challenge #3

Can you draw a foal running with it's mommy horse?

Did you know: Foals can stand, walk, and trot a very short time after birth. Ideally, a foal should be up and nursing within two hours of birth. If the foal takes longer, it may be a good idea to call the veterinarian. Many breeders maintain that filly foals are quicker to get on their feet and nurse than colts. Foals can gallop after about 24 hours.

Source: The Spruce Pets