Celebrated on June 23rd

National Hydration Day

+ National Hydration Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw an activity that will make you sweat?

Did you know: We lose a under a liter of water daily when it evaporates from the skin. This amount can increase dramatically when we sweat profusely due to vigorous workouts or high body temperature.

Source: Waterlogic

Challenge #2

Can you draw draw yourself smiling?

Did you know: Smile. Good hydration can help reduce cavities and tooth decay. Water helps produce saliva, which keeps your mouth and teeth clean.

Source: Culligan

Challenge #3

Can you draw six glasses of water?

Did you know: The amount a child needs to drink as it can vary greatly, due to factors including age, gender, the weather and how much physical activity they do. It is advised that kids aged 4-13 aim to drink approximately 6-8 glasses of fluid a day in addition to the water included in the food in their diet. Younger kids need relatively small drinks.

Source: Natural Hydration Council