Celebrated on November 21st

National Jukebox Day

+ National Jukebox Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw people dancing?

Did you know: A jukebox is a coin-operated machine that plays music from a record or compact disc (CD) once a selection is made. Originally called nickelodeons, the term jukebox did not appear until the late 1930s and its origins are in dispute. Some believe it is derived from the African word jook, meaning to dance.

Source: Encyclopedia

Challenge #2

Can you draw the word's first jukebox?

Did you know: The first jukebox was showcased on this day, November 23, in the year 1889. At that time it was popularly called as the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph. The machine had no amplification and interested people had to listen to the music using one of the four listening tubes

Source: India Today

Challenge #3

Can you draw a CD next to a record?

Did you know: Starting in the 1980s, compact discs became the norm for modern jukeboxes.

Source: Facts of Fun