Celebrated on September 30th

National Love People Day

+ National Love People Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw what your love for a friend looks like?

Did you know: Love gives life meaning and purpose. As Mahatma Gandhi once said,“Where there is love there is life.” In the dictionary, love is defined as a strong, positive feeling you have for someone or something. But it is also a lot more than that. People show their love not just with what they say or feel, but by what they do.

Source: Inspire My Kids

Challenge #2

Can you draw something that shows your love for a teacher?

Did you know: Love outside of gift-buying is an essential skill we need to teach children. Fox adds, “Gift-giving from a list can often be thoughtless, just mindless buying. But acts of kindness, service, something homemade — those teach children to be thoughtful.”

Source: Mashable

Challenge #3

Can you draw your best part (or worst part) of today?

Did you know: Ask them what their best part and worst part of the day was – Dinner in our house isn’t “official” until we’ve talked about our favorite part of the day. Sharing around the table not only gives us a chance to hear from each other, it also teaches conversation skills and gives everyone a chance to express what’s important to them. 

Source: Bounce Back Parenting