Celebrated on March 5th

National Pancake Day

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Challenge #1

Can you draw tossing a pancake?

Did you know: The highest pancake toss ever measured was 9.47 meters, or 31 feet 1 inch. It was done by Dominic Cuzzacrea at the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga, New York, United States, on November 13, 2010.

Source: Tons of Facts

Challenge #2

Can you draw what you like to eat with your pancakes?

Did you know: Pancakes are often eaten in combination with ice-cream, honey, maple syrup, jam, cream, lemon juice and sugar, meat and/or fruit pieces, and sometimes fruit, vegetables or meat can be added to the batter prior to cooking.

Source: Ten Random Facts

Challenge #3

Can you draw draw a dinosaur made from a pancake and fruit?

Did you know: Start with a regular pancake shape and cut off the bottom (leaving around 3/4). Next, use this small slice to form the tail. Chop a banana, using one half for the neck and the remainder to cut 4 small legs. Finally use strawberry slices to form the back, a blueberry for the eyes and the ground and the stubs of the strawberry to make some trees. Click on the link for pictures of real pancake art.

Source: Day Out With The Kids