Celebrated on December 9th

National Pastry Day

+ National Pastry  Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw Where did New England donuts get their name??

Did you know: The original donuts of New England did not get its name because of the presence of any nuts. They were actually pastries without holes and were made in the shape and size of walnuts and hence they were named donuts.

Source: Mobile Cuisine

Challenge #2

Can you draw Did you know once there was a war over pastries!?

Did you know: The Pastry War may sound like a bake-off competition, but it was actually a military conflict sparked in part by an unpaid debt to a French pastry chef. The war began in November 1838 with the naval blockade of some Mexican ports and the capture of the fortress of San Juan de Ulúa in Veracruz by French forces sent by King Louis-Philippe. It ended several months later in March 1839 with a British-brokered peace.

Source: Just Fun Facts

Challenge #3

Can you draw Who made the first pastries??

Did you know: Egyptians, Greeks and Romans made the first pastries. They all used a filo-type pastry, which is a mixture of flour and oil. They created honey cakes, fruit pastries, sweet tarts and dumplings stuffed with dates and nuts. The Romans created a pastry dough they used to cover meats and keep them moist while cooking, but they were never actually eaten. These pastry doughs were thrown away once the meat was cooked. And when the Medieval period came, it introduced pastry recipes that resemble the pastries we’re familiar with today.

Source: Entity Magazine