Celebrated on April 18th

National Piñata Day

+ National Piñata Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw what you would like to see inside of a piñata after it is opened?

Did you know: While piñatas in the United States are usually filled with candy, those in Mexico more often than not contain fruit (along with said candy). These often include oranges and guavas.

Source: AXS

Challenge #2

Can you draw a yourself filling a piñata with candy or fruits, ?

Did you know: A Mexican party isn't complete without a piñata. It's a hollow papier-mâché sculpture usually designed festively in varying colors, according to BBC. It's filled with all kinds of candy, strung up high in a pole or a tree branch, and then smashed to pieces by kids and partygoers.

Source: Travelers Today

Challenge #3

Can you draw a star-shaped piñata?

Did you know: Another version of the piñata has the appearance of a star, with seven points ending in streamers. These cones represent the seven deadly sins. The blindfolded participant represents the conqueror of evil, or faith, which must be blind. People gather around the player and spin him to disorient him. The other participants cry out directions indicating to the player to hit higher, more to the right, straight ahead, etc.

Source: Pina Pinatas