Celebrated on November 18th

National Princess Day

+ National Princess Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a Princess ?

Did you know: National Princess Day was created by The Swan Princess® to recognize the Princess in each girl, of every age, who deserves to be treated as royalty!

Source: Swan Princess Series

Challenge #2

Can you draw your favorite Disney Princess?

Did you know: We have seen Disney Princesses reimagined as Millenials, as the opposite sex, as Tim Burton characters, as villains, and as superheroes. And now, we have something new. Below, there are 15 new pieces of fan-art, which show our favorite leading ladies as little girls, as miniature versions of themselves, as children, and as babies!

Source: The Things

Challenge #3

Can you draw yourself as a princess?

Did you know: Real princesses have goals and dreams that they chase no matter what the world tells them that the limits. To them, limits don't exist. They don't let a bump in the road get them down. If they trip, they get right back up. They use failure as a reason to try harder.

Source: The Odyssey Online