Celebrated on September 6th

National Read A Book Day

+ National Read A Book Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw yourself reading to a friend?

Did you know: Being a reader means you’re more likely to learn something new every day.  An education professor, Anne E. Cunningham wrote a research paper and discovered that reading frequently does actually make you smarter. Not only does it help you retain knowledge, but it helps you to remember that knowledge later on in life. Whether or not you realize it, reading stockpiles your brain with new information, and you never know when it may come in handy.

Source: Unbelievable Facts

Challenge #2

Can you draw a very BIG book?

Did you know: The largest book in the world is The Klencke Atlas at 1.75 meters tall (about 5 feet 9 inches) and 1.90 meters wide (about 6 feet 3 inches when open).

Source: India Today

Challenge #3

Can you draw a bookworm?

Did you know: The term “bookworm” derives from tiny insects who feed on the binding of books. One tree can make 50 books. The first printed books didn’t have the name of the author or even the title printed on the covers. The covers were artworks, covered in drawings, leather or even gold.

Source: The Philadelphia Tribune