Celebrated on December 23rd

National Roots Day

+ National Roots Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a family doing something fun?

Did you know: Fun families celebrate the little things. Life's too short to save all the fun for birthdays and big holidays, say these families, so they look for excuses to add a dose of silliness to otherwise ordinary weeks. The reason isn't important; what matters is reveling in togetherness.

Source: Parents

Challenge #2

Can you draw your favorite dream?

Did you know: Being a younger sibling propels you to be unique and follow your own dreams. There is a stronger desire to be different.

Source: Jewel Images

Challenge #3

Can you draw your family in a tree?

Did you know: Collect family stories Speak to everyone in the family by gathering personal stories and anecdotes. You can spend your time reminiscing, which should bring lots of relevant and interesting facts into the search. Family members can be a wealth of knowledge, remember to start with parents, aunts and uncles, and then work back a generation if you can. Speaking to your grandparents can open up a whole new world of information too, as they are the passage-way to finding out about the unknown generations.

Source: Story Terrace