Celebrated on November 8th

National S.T.E.A.M. Day

+ National S.T.E.A.M. Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw the word STEM or the word STEAM?

Did you know: You have the power to save the planet. In Siemen’s K-12 environmental sustainability competition, teams from across the country compete to improve their own communities. Lots of prizes.

Source: Masters in Data Science

Challenge #2

Can you draw yourself cooking?

Did you know: Food science is the best science—experiments you can eat! Kids can learn chemistry, practice their math skills, and learn plant anatomy and other science lessons all from the comfort of your kitchen. Mental Floss has a roundup of 10 edible science experiments, this Kitchen Science lab book looks fun, and I’m going to do this Candy Chemistry kit with my daughter soon. But even normal daily things like explaining what happens when water boils, why toast burns, or why you should melt butter if you want the cookies to be chewy

Source: Lifehacker

Challenge #3

Can you draw a shirt that does not fit?

Did you know: For example, babies, only hours after birth, experiment with cause and effect as they realize that putting their own thumbs in their mouths makes them feel better; toddlers push their sippy cups off the edges of their high chairs over and over and over again to test the limits of gravity; and preschoolers are eager to understand why their clothes no longer fit (life sciences) and are obsessed with the fair distribution of communal snacks (math). When parents or teachers believe these common myths about early STEM, those attitudes transfer to children. So spread the word: STEM is great for all children, it starts early, kids need opportunities to explore across all aspects of their lives, and you are completely capable of supporting their STEM progress. Be confident, have fun exploring the world around you with your little ones!

Source: Common Sense Education