Celebrated on August 19th

National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day

+ National Sandcastle and Sculpture Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a sandcastle you would like to build?

Did you know: The tallest sand castle in the world was created in 2015 by Ted Siebert and a team of 19 on behalf of Turkish Airlines. It was created in Miami, Florida, USA with the sandcastle eventually measuring 13.97 metres tall (45ft 10.25 in). The mammoth effort was verified by the Guinness world records and took an enormous 1,800 tonnes of sand to construct. See here for details

Source: Online Sand

Challenge #2

Can you draw a sand sculpture from your imagination?

Did you know:  Sand brushing, sculpting, painting and bottling all fall under the umbrella term of sand art – the practice of modeling sand into an artistic form. Just like your own backyard sand castle endeavors, these works of art only require the simple materials of water and sand.

Source: ATI

Challenge #3

Can you draw the different sand you have in your house (yes, you have sand in your house!)?

Did you know: Got sand? You probably do, in your kitchen pantry. Sand is defined as any material made up of grains within a specific size range. Sugar and salt typically qualify.

Source: Discover Magazine