Celebrated on March 4th

National Snack Day

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Challenge #1

Can you draw a picture using M&M's (not real ones of course)?

Did you know: M&M's stand for Mars & Murrie, the names of the two people who invented the chocolate candy. Poor Mars & Murrie didn't receive enough credit.

Source: Spoon University

Challenge #2

Can you draw a cucumber sandwich?

Did you know: Kids might not want to come home and eat another sandwich like they did for lunch, but these cucumber sandwiches are something totally different with the same yummy ingredients! Veggies, a little cheese and protein make these a great snack to tide kids over until dinner.

Source: Super Healthy Kids

Challenge #3

Can you draw two penguins from a banana cut in half (food art hint: chocolate is used to decorate the penguins)?

Did you know: Sledding Penguins Frozen Banana Snack These cute little sledding penguins are a fun snack for winter. If your kids like chocolate-covered frozen bananas, they're sure to like this dressed up version too! Click link for a photo, and then maybe you can try to make some, adorable, healthy and delicious!

Source: Reading Confetti