Celebrated on October 9th

National Sneakers Day

+ National Sneakers Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw yourself sneaking behind someone to surprise them?

Did you know: how sneakers got their name? There are several kinds of words for them: they’re called “sandshoes”, “joggers” or “gym shoes” in Australia, “canvers” in Nigerian-English and in South-Africa they are called “tackies” or “sneaks”. What’s most common, is the English word sneak, which comes from the Old English word „snican“ and meant „creeping“ or„crawling“. Years later, the word sneaking was used for people who walk around, not wanting others to see or hear them. Sneaking in the 1800s wasn’t that easy as it is today: people wore loud, clunky shoes back in those times. Later, rubber soled shoes became popular and were the first shoes to be mass produced: sneakers were created. Their main advantage: people could now finally move around faster and more quietly, without catching anyone’s attention.

Source: Power Horse

Challenge #2

Can you draw a a pair of sneakers with waffle soles (thats funny!)?

Did you know: The Nike Waffle Trainer was invented when Nike founder Bill Bowerman poured rubber into his wife’s waffle-maker. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, first marketed in 1917, are the all-time best-selling sneakers, with total sales nearing 600 million pairs.

Source: gohoppingo

Challenge #3

Can you draw a logo of your brand on a sneaker ?

Did you know: Nike’s logo designer was paid $35 for her design Carolyn Davidson, an art student in Portland, was asked to create a logo that captured movement and speed. She came back with a curvy checkmark. Nobody liked it, but they were out of time so they just accepted it and paid her $35. Don’t worry, she was eventually compensated with five hundred shares of NIKE stock.

Source: National Reading Movement