Celebrated on April 30th

National Tabby Day

+ National Tabby Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a tabby hiding in the grass?

Did you know: Tabby patterns are likely common because they are the best suited for the wild. These patterns assist in camouflage when cats are hiding in tall grass or brush hunting for prey. Tigers and leopards both have tabby patterns. Tabby cats have four unique pattern types. These include: mackerel, blotched, striped and ticked. Each of these patterns looks different, but the blotched pattern is the most commonly occurring. Blotched tabbies are also called “classic” or “marbled” tabbies.

Source: iheartcats.com

Challenge #2

Can you draw yourself playing with a tabby cat?

Did you know: Tabby cats make excellent pets for young owners because of their well-known friendly, cuddly and social personalities. All domestic pet cats can make for good family pets. But the tabby cat has become known as an especially great “first cat” pet for kids. This is because of what is perceived as this cat’s well documented friendly and loving personality. Some studies suggest this could be a myth, but there’s no doubt that many people are convinced it’s true!  

Source: The Happy Cat Site

Challenge #3

Can you draw a tabby chasing a ball of paper on a string?

Did you know: If you want to laugh until your sides split, then get a Tabby cat. These wonderful furry entertainers have a built-in need to play feature. They also know when you’re watching them, but they really don’t care. When you could use some funny entertainment, just set a paper bag down in front of your Tabby and you’ll soon be rolling on the floor.

Source: kitten TOOB