Celebrated on December 27th

National Visit The Zoo Day

+ National Visit The Zoo Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a old turtle?

Did you know: An Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaitya died in 2006 in the Kolkata zoo at the estimated age of 250, meaning that the tortoise was born when King George ruled the American colonies and died when George W. Bush was president.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Challenge #2

Can you draw an elephant looking in a mirror?

Did you know: "Elephants are one of only a handful of animals that can pass the mirror test - in other words, they can recognize their own reflection (and not think it’s another animal, as dogs and cats usually do). They tested this by placing a chalk mark on an elephant’s forehead and then showing it a mirror. The elephant investigated the mark on its own forehead, indicating it knew that it was looking at itself. The only animals that pass this test are the higher primates, the higher cetaceans (orcas, dolphines), elephants, and weirdly, magpies."

Source: Bored Panda

Challenge #3

Can you draw your favorite wild animal?

Did you know: Perhaps the most famous zoo is the San Diego Zoo in Southern California. Many modern zoo practices were pioneered at the San Diego Zoo. The largest zoo in number of animals is the Bronx Zoo with over 6000 animals. The largest zoo in land size is the North Carolina Zoo with 535 acres.

Source: Ducksters