Celebrated on May 1st

Save a Rhino Day

+ Save a Rhino Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a bird riding on a Rhino?

Did you know: Oxpeckers have a symbiotic relationship with rhinos. Rhinos have a host of ectoparasites on their hide that the birds eat, keeping the rhino free of parasites. The oxpeckers can also raise the alarm, warning the rhino if any danger is about.

Source: Discover Wildlife

Challenge #2

Can you draw a Rhino playing in the mud?

Did you know: Rhinos have thick, sensitive skin that can react to sunburns and insect bites – hence they love the mud as it acts as a sunblock and protects them from insects. The black rhino is a browser and gets sustenance from eating trees and bushes. The white rhino with its wider mouth has a long flat upper lip that is designed to graze grass and prefers to walk with its enormous head and squared lips lowered to the ground.

Source: Africa Geographic

Challenge #3

Can you draw a Rhino running on it's toes?

Did you know: Over a 100-meter sprint, humans max out at about 23 mph. Rhinos, on the other hand, have been clocked at about 28 mph and only run on their toes. And that's in spite of the fact that ...the biggest rhinoceros species, the white rhino, stands 6 feet at the shoulder and tips the scale at 6,000 pounds. (That's roughly the weight of a Cadillac Escalade.)

Source: the dodo