Celebrated on July 2nd

Special Recreation for the Disabled Day

+ Special Recreation for the Disabled Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw people playing a sport in wheelchairs?

Did you know: Wheelchair basketball is accessible to those with a variety of physical disabilities. The game is played using many of the same rules and standards of basketball, with some variations for dribbling and contact from the wheelchair.  An estimated 56.7 million people in the United States, or 19%-20% of the population have a disability. Staying active while living with a disability can help you strengthen your heart, build strong muscles and bones, improve coordination, and make you feel better about yourself. For those with disabilities, there are many adaptive sports and recreation programs that can be enjoyed for health, wellness, leisure, social, and competition benefits.

Source: APTA

Challenge #2

Can you draw a fun art project you can do while sitting down?

Did you know: Some examples of art therapy projects include: watercolor, scrapbooking, jewelry making with beads and educational coloring books. Art Shop provides online videos and eBook lessons for people in all stages of art exploration with a variety of developmental disabilities. They cater to a variety of disabilities and their goals are to help increase and develop: Fine motor skills Spatial skills Decision-making skills Attention span Imagination Problem-solving skills

Source: AB&C Law Centers

Challenge #3

Can you draw a surf board with a handle to hold on to?

Did you know: Thanks to the movie Soul Surfer, the story of Bethany Hamilton has been well publicized. The professional surfer and Hawaii native was attacked by a shark in 2003 at the age of 13; the shark severed her left arm, and by the time she arrived at the hospital, she had lost more than 60 percent of her blood. Still, not only did Hamilton survive the vicious attack, she returned to the water within a month, using a custom-made board that was built with a handle for her right arm. In January 2004—mere months after the attack—she began entering competitions again. These days, Hamilton splits her time among various speaking engagements and, of course, competing on her board—and she no longer needs a custom-made one.

Source: Bleacher Report