Celebrated on November 17th

Take a hike Day

+ Take a hike Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a tent?

Did you know: Even though most hikers will build upon these general rules to create their unique packing system, almost everyone agrees that your sleeping bag belongs at the bottom of the pack. On an external frame pack, this means it is lashed to the frame below the pack itself.

Source: American Hiking

Challenge #2

Can you draw walking on a beach?

Did you know: It doesn’t matter whether you take a walk in the park or lace up your hiking boots for a backpacking expedition up a mountain. Hiking on the trail – immersed in nature – offers understated health benefits for adults and children alike. Health benefits of hiking include improving your physical, mental, and for some – even spiritual – wellbeing.

Source: Interesting Facts

Challenge #3

Can you draw riding with a friend on bicycles?

Did you know: At every step along the way, it is your challenge to make hiking fun! There are so many ways to do this. To get you started, you might want to think about playing games while you hike. Who can copy the bird whistles you hear echoing through the forest? Design a scavenger hunt for the children to complete while hiking. Eye spy? Geocaching? There are so many ways to not only pass the time but to also build a deep love and appreciation of the outdoors!

Source: The Adventure Junkies