Celebrated on July 17th

World Emoji Day

+ World Emoji Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw an emoji with tears of joy?

Did you know: It dominates on Twitter and on Facebook as the most-used on both social media platforms. This should come as no surprise to those versed in emoji; after all, this same symbol was even the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2015. World Emoji Day takes place on July 17 for a totally logical reason The “calendar” emoji — a minimized version of Apple’s iCal icon for both its desktop and mobile app — shows the default date of July 17.

Source: Time

Challenge #2

Can you draw an emoji that you think everyone would like to use, and explain why?

Did you know: In a ranking of the world’s top 10 used emojis on Facebook, the laughing with tears emoji, the heart eyes emoji, and the kissy face emoji were top three as of July 2017.

Source: Social Media Week

Challenge #3

Can you draw a smiley face emoji and a smiley face emoticon (HINT: they are different)?

Did you know: Emojis and emoticons are not interchangeable: “Emoticon,” a portmanteau of “emotion” and “icon,” refers specifically to representations of human faces using nothing but keyboard characters, including letters, numbers and punctuation marks — for instance: :) and :-*. Emojis, on the other hand, are tiny images of everything from food to fireworks to faces.

Source: Deseret News