Celebrated on December 14th

World Monkey Day

+ World Monkey Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw small monkey in the palm of your hand?

Did you know: The smallest monkey in the world is the pygmy marmoset, with a body as little as 5 inches (12 cm) and a tail length of about 7 inches (17 cm). As a comparison, they are about the size of a hamster, can fit in the palm of a human hand, and they weigh the same as a pack of cards.[17]

Source: Fact Retriever

Challenge #2

Can you draw a screaming monkey?

Did you know: The loudest monkeys are Howler monkeys, their howls can be heard for about three miles in open area and two miles in the forest. They spend 80% of their time resting.

Source: Spinfold

Challenge #3

Can you draw a happy monkey?

Did you know: Now this is quite something…monkeys have feelings, just like us. They can feel love, fear, and compassion. They can also hate things too…so be aware and make sure to keep on their good side.

Source: Cool kid Facts