Celebrated on September 22nd

World Rhino Day

+ World Rhino Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a rhino rolling around in mud?

Did you know: Rhinos love wallowing. By covering themselves with mud and letting it dry they are protecting their skin from the sun. Rhinos will rub their bodies against tree trunks and rocks to remove ectoparasites, such as ticks, which have become stuck in the dry mud on their skin.  

Source: Discover Wildlife

Challenge #2

Can you draw an ace of clubs (from a card deck)?

Did you know: Tapirs, horses and zebras are the closest relatives to the rhinoceros. These animals are the odd-toed ungulates – the rhinoceros has three toes on each food, and their tracks actually resemble the Ace of Clubs!

Source: Aftica Geographic

Challenge #3

Can you draw a bird riding on a rhino?

Did you know: Though rhinos don’t often hang out with each other, they do hang out with birds. The oxpecker will sit on a rhino’s back and eat the bugs that crawl on the rhino’s skin. That’s not the only thing this bird is good for. When danger approaches, the bird will call out, warning the rhino.

Source: Just Fun Facts